This was the first part of the Interrelation Analysis Workshop of the actors in the value chain of the subregional digital innovation ecosystem

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On May 27, 2021, the first part of the Interrelationship Analysis Workshop of the actors of the value chain of the Digital Innovation Ecosystem of Valle del Cauca, a space that included the participation of various actors from the department's IT industry (academy, state, businessmen and community), where not only the activities proposed by the research team of the collaborative innovation project were carried out, it was also a scenario in which the links of the ecosystem were strengthened in order to take another step towards the consolidation and strengthening of this important industry.

45 actors from the subregional ecosystem actively participated in this first part of the analysis workshop, who developed debates and analyzes on the strengths and opportunities that this value chain has in terms of the interrelationship of its actors through established work groups. It should be noted that the conclusions of each table are inputs for the investigative process of the project and thus be able to establish the panorama in which the department's IT industry finds itself.

You can access the recording of the full session of this workshop through the following links:

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