El País newspaper: Collaborative innovation project

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Digital technologies are making it possible that in the midst of the crisis generated by the pandemic, a good part of the companies have been able to continue operating and that new ways of producing goods and services have emerged to facilitate the work of employees, operate supply chains , improve productivity, accelerate innovation, transform organizations and bring solutions to customers and society. A whole revolution, which in a few months has accelerated, advancing what would have taken perhaps many years.

Digital transformation encompasses multiple aspects of productive activities and society. Its growth is exponential and it seems to have no turning back. Companies that do not adapt may not have a chance to survive, which represents not a few and challenging challenges and new opportunities that must be taken on decisively, boldly and bravely.

Our region has made significant progress by establishing a digital ecosystem made up of a set of institutions and companies in a fabric that is increasingly integrated and connected to the world.

The project

In order to strengthen, scale and accelerate this revolution in all corners of our region, the Government of Valle, Impretics and the Central Unit of the Valley-UCEVA, develop the Collaborative Innovation Project for the Department's Digital Innovation Ecosystem, which constitutes one of the largest efforts to mobilize agents and resources carried out to date, to increase the productivity of companies and the regional economy, through collaborative innovation between companies and institutions that make up the region's digital ecosystem.

The project, which began at the end of 2020 and will be executed over a period of two years, in the first phase it analyzes the relationship between the ecosystem agents and the study of the technical and operational conditions of the ecosystem companies.

As part of the components of the project, this Thursday was carried out at the Sheraton Hotel in Cali, the Workshop "Prioritization of Change Factors" as part of the 2030 prospective process of the Valle del Cauca Innovation Ecosystem. These are defined as those elements, internal or external, that determine the evolution or transformation of the prospective object that allow the identification and prioritization of factors from the diagnosis of the environments, to build the ecosystem scenarios.

The event was attended by important digital companies of the department, Entrepreneurs, Academic Institutions and the Government.

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